MusicBot on the Raspberry Pi

Always wanted to know how to get a Discord Music Bot on your Raspberry Pi?
Using MusicBot For Discord, it's easier than ever!
But first things first. This is what you need before starting making the Bot:
- Raspberry Pi 2 or greater. Pi 3+ is recommended!
- Raspbian Stretch installed.
- Power supply for the Pi.
- Some experience with Linux.
- Ethernet conenction. Don’t use Wi-Fi. It is unstable and cause lag!

Basic Raspberry Pi instructions

Skip this if you've already done this

If you want to use remote desktop to access your Pi you can follow this guide.

Connect your keyboard and display to your Pi and power it up.

Now, we want to enable SSH. To do that, run
sudo raspi-config
Search for Expand File System and press enable. Now, one's that's done, go to Advanced options and search for SSH server. Enable that, and reboot your Pi. Or simply press Finish. It will reboot automatically.
Go to your Windows/Mac/Linux system and install Putty. Search for the IP address of the Pi by running
It shows you the IP of the Pi and put it in your Putty Client. Now you can remote access your Pi using a Windows/Linux/Mac Machine!

Installing necessary software

Now, what we need to do is as followed: Raspbian doesn't have a lot of software pre-installed, so we need to do that by our own.
First of all we will update software repositories and all currently installed software to the latest versions: sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
After that we will install some necessary software to run the musicbot:
sudo apt install libssl-dev openssl git libopus-dev libffi-dev libsodium-dev
Then we will install Python3.5 and pip: sudo apt install python3.5 python3-pip
And finally ffmpeg and x264 codec: sudo apt install ffmpeg x264
Great! Now the necessary software is installed, now we can install the MusicBot itself! Now, go back to your home folder using:
cd home/pi/

Installing the MusicBot

Now we’re going to download the MusicBot from Github:
sudo git clone MusicBot -b master
And then we go to the MusicBot folder: cd MusicBot
Then we will install dependencies: sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade -r requirements.txt
Now we’ve downloaded the Musicbot, and all the necessary software we installed before, everything should be ready.
But before we can run the bot we will need to configure it.
Firstly we move to the config folder: cd config
And then rename the provided example configs: sudo cp example_permissions.ini permissions.ini
sudo cp example_options.ini options.ini
Then we can edit the main config file sudo nano options.ini
The config file contains information about the each setting but you can get more help here
We can find the bot token here
While we are there we can add the bot to the server by clicking "Generate OAuth2 URL" and then copying the URL and opening it.
Then we can add the bot to the server and start the bot by running
cd ..
sudo ./
Congratulations! You have successfully installed the MusicBot on your Raspberry Pi!
Have lots of fun with your MusicBot! And if you encouter any problems feel free to contact AyavaJeroen#0001 or tmantti#1337 on the Retro Gaming Alliance Discord Server